Blue Marble Fundraising offers a variety of products for your organization's fundraisers.

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If there are products you want that are not listed here, please call us and we will do our utmost to make those products available to you.

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The minimum order we are able to process is $2,500.00



"I was hesitant at first; but you just need to try it (the product). I got my feet wet and love it. I've ordered through Blue Marble four times now." - JH, North Vancouver, BC


“We are repeat customers through Blue Marble Fundraising because of the price and the quality. People we know want us to tell them when our friends are doing their fundraiser so they can get some of this fabulous product.”

 MM, Sunshine Coast, BC


"Wow the Bavette Steaks were amazing, and the chicken was so fresh you can really taste the different". - DJ Vancouver, BC