Why Product Fundraising?

School groups, youth groups and sports teams raise millions of dollars each year through sales of popular consumer products. The money helps pay for computers, field trips, athletics, music, art and other programs that educate and enrich young lives. These important activities are not always covered by shrinking school and non-profit group budgets.  While there are a number of fundraising options available - bake sales, car washes, auctions, straight donations - product sales are consistently the most effective approach to fundraising.

Research shows that eight out of ten parents purchase fundraising products.  The vast majority of fundraising sales are made to family and friends. Successful fundraising drives do not rely on children knocking on doors, but rather children and their parents asking for support from family, close neighbours and friends.

Most people agree that product fundraising is an important resource for our youth.  More than just raising money to pay for valuable programs, a well-run fundraising drive can be an experience that builds self-esteem, provides community service, and promotes school, athletic and community spirit.

Why Choose Blue Marble?

  • High returns (20% average)
  • Direct access to quality, healthy product
  • Simple, well-organized and efficient program
  • Minimal volunteer effort required
  • Quick & easy distribution

What Kind of Quality Am I Buying?

The Blue Marble Fundraising difference is in the products we offer.  We spend a great deal of time and effort focusing on supplying natural and chemical-free products that help promote your general well being.  Our suppliers' fanatical quality control personnel consistently inspect both the product and their facilities to ensure we have a chain of custody that provides the consumer with "peace of mind".  Our suppliers are audited regularly by the federal and provincial governments, local health boards and third-party auditors contracted by key customers.

Why Choose Sustainably Harvested?

Sustainable seafood and meat is an easy choice you can make that has a profound effect on the oceans and the earth.  The oceans of the world feed billions of people every day. In fact, approximately 130 million tons of seafood is harvested every year.  However, many of these species are being fished to extinction, causing profound damage to the world's ecosystem.  We must ensure that our choices support well-managed fisheries.

Sustainable seafood, through programs like Ocean WiseTM, and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) can assist us in making positive choices for the health of our oceans and our planet. Look for us to continue to bring you new sustainable seafoods to help us all make better choices.

Sustainability is an issue that is of increasing concern to our customers and to the public in general.  We selected to work with Albion Fisheries and Two Rivers because of their commitment to sustainability.  Albion Fisheries currently works very closely with the local Ocean WiseTM program, the nationwide Seachoice organization, and the global organization Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Sustainability is equally important for Two Rivers as their standards dictate that only naturally and ethically produced meats are provided to their discerning clients and now offered to you through Blue Marble.


Yes, we also offer Kosher products.

We have a full selection of Kosher products. Please contact us and we will be pleased to prepare an order form that includes only Kosher items.