Building a Fundraising Campaign

In four easy steps we can help you launch a campaign across your organization and results will be swift. 

Step One

Register your campaign with Blue Marble Fundraising today. Identify a selling period; we recommend this to be no longer than two to three weeks. Identify a distribution date/location, and esnure the distribution date is reserved with Blue Marble. 

Step Two

Launch your Campaign: upon registering your campaign, we will send you a link which should then be forwarded to all team members allowing them to order online and pay with their credit card for their order at that time thus saving you the hassle of chasing them for their form and their payment. Your second option is to download the individual order form from your Client Login registration and circulate with an introductory letter across your organization. The letter will detail why your organization is fundraising and the importance of everyone’s participation we can assist with sample letters if needed.  

Step Three

Submit Order: Online orders are automatically complied by Blue Marble. Collect all individual hard copy orders (retain for use at point of distribution) and compile the individual orders into the Online order form in your Client Login registration. Double check your numbers on the Online order form then submit and pay for your order online and a confirmation  will be issued.

Step Four

Distribute the Products: We require about ten to fourteen (10 - 14) days from receipt of the order before a delivery can occur. As all products will arrive frozen, you will need to organize a pick-up window of one (1) hour with your group / team. Blue Marble will issue your organization a cheque for your dollars raised, delivered to you at time of distribution.


You’ve chosen one of the most profitable fundraisers for your organization – now make sure everyone gets excited about healthy seafood and meat products and you will see your campaign generate a great return for your organization. Our years of experience have proven that an enthusiastic group is the number one key to success.