About Blue Marble Fundraising

Blue Marble Fundraising was founded to meet the demand from sports teams, school parent – teacher groups, church groups and other not-for-profit organizations to raise important funds. Blue Marble meets this criteria by offering a high-quality product fundraiser that results in a higher than normal fundraising dollars.

As parents of very active kids, we have for years supported or created and executed many fundraisers for our school and sports teams. It wasn’t until we started working with seafood that we really started getting such positive reactions.

Blue Marble Fundraising was created organically through demand. Parents loved the products, and were thrilled at the returns for the minimal effort that was required.

The Products

If you have dined at virtually any high profile restaurant in BC, if you have shopped for seafood and meat at almost any supermarket in BC, if you have visited the bustling markets in Vancouver, then you have most likely enjoyed the products that Blue Marble Fundraising is now making available to you, from Albion Fisheries Ltd. (the largest seafood company in Western Canada) and from Two Rivers Speciality Meats.

About Albion Fisheries Ltd.

Albion’s commitment to superior quality begins with dedicated and hardworking employees. Albion relies on their extensive experience to deliver the highest quality seafood products and best service. Albion Fisheries is partnered with Blue Marble Fundraising to bring their products directly to you the consumer and allow your group the opportunity to succeed in your fundraising goals.

About Two Rivers Speciality Meats

Two Rivers supplies many of Vancouver's finest restaurants with free-range, chemical-free small farm meats.  Call it farm-to-table, call it gastro-accountability they believe that people should know where their food is coming from, and knowing that it was produced ethically and naturally.  For Two Rivers and there partner farmers, sustainability isn't just a catch phrase, it's a way of life. Two Rivers is pleased to partner with Blue Marble Fundraising allowing our fundraising groups a fram to table expereince. Taste the quality...it is amazing!

At Blue Marble Fundraising our goal is to assist your organization to reach its fundraising goals by providing high quality products, a fundraising template for success and assistance at every step of the way.  Join other organizations that have made Blue Marble Fundraising their choice in a product fundraiser.  Imagine meeting your annual fundraising objectives with just one campaign!